How to get cleavage? im a Acup?

alright im an large A-cup. small Bcup

i have the bombshell from Victoria Secret and it still doesnt work.

i hate wearing padded bras cuz i feel fake. i just need some ideas on how to create some cleavage cuz my boobs are so far apart... :/

im the one in the blue bikini (middle)…

PLZ help :D


Disclaimer in the name of full disclosure - I prefer smaller busted women so I am not totally objective

having been with many small breasted women here is what I have observed. The secret to looking like you have lots more than you do is to wear markedly less. You have good shoulders and great waist line but you bikini tops covers a good deal of your chest and obliterates what shape you have. In triangle tops like that look for the smallest among of fabric you can find. You see a c cup woman would be exposing 1/3 of her breast in that top, you expose none so it looks like you have none. Instead wear a very "Immodest" top with just a few square inches of fabric makes small breasts seem much larger. Also consider tops with fringes or twists to make you appear larger.


where a padded bra, push up bra, or a wire bra.anything that will get you some extra umph


Umm, I discovered this by complete accident, but here it goes...

I hate it went I wear certain rib-tanks because my bra straps show, so i decided to ask my cousin to tie the straps together in the back with a ribbon. Then I saw that my umm, cleavage, improved and I was all, "wow".

So you could do that....


no cleavage is good because if it shows, then boys think you're easy :X


push up bra...


how old are you? when i was 13/14 i used to have a cup...but as i have got older i am a DDcup and still growing! big boobs are not all they are cracked up to be!


You look fine. You can't just make your boobs grow the way they aren't supposed to.