Is Craze Agency a legitimation modeling agency?

I went in to Craze Agency for an interview today and was told they were looking for ten gals for their 2011 team. After speaking with the lady for a bit I was told that I had been accepted, all I would have to do is dye my hair a natural color and take some head shots. She told me that she would set everything up with the photographer, but it would cost about $440. I'm not sure if I should trust them or not. Any experiences or advice. I googled them and found a bad review, but not many. And all companies have at least one person that disagrees with them. Help please before I'm suckered into a scam or say no to something that may be worth it.


I've never heard of that agency so I don't know if they are a scam or not but I don't know any good agencies that either have an in house photographer or refer you to one specific photographer/studio.

A legitimate agency should give you a list of 5-10 local photographers for you to contact on your own, negotiate a price and pay the photographer directly, or allow you to use the photographer of your choice as long as they are experienced in shooting headshots. You can also find photographers on sites like or who will work TFP (time for print) meaning neither of you get paid for the shoot - you are both doing it for free to build up your respective portfolios. There is no need to pay for headshots if you are just starting out if you can find a local experienced photographer to shoot them for free.

Ask the agency if you are allowed to use a different photographer. If they agree and don't charge you anything out of pocket, then they are legit. A legitimate agency should only make money AFTER they book you on a job and take their 10-20% commission. A scam agency will force you to use their recommended photographer - usually meaning they aren't making money booking models on jobs, they are only making money through selling photos and don't care if you ever get a job

I just did a google search and there is more than 1 bad review of this agency that comes up including a whole Facebook group for models in Utah that mentions them as "blacklisted" so you might want to do a bit more research before you agree to anything. Maybe contact some of the people in the Facebook group who have posted about the agency to get their first hand experiences………………

Also ask the agency for the names of their 5 most successful models and google their names. If they are a good agency and booking their models on jobs a google search should bring up a lot of hits of each model's name. Also find out who their big clients are and call those clients and speak to the Marketing Department to ask how often they book models through the agency and if they are satisfied with the models and the service they receive from the agency. If their models are getting a lot of work and the clients are happy, then they are going to be a legit agency


Gee whiz, and I thuhogt this would be hard to find out.