Am I pretty enough for him? pic included?

There is this guy who I really really like and have liked for an extremely long time. But I don't think that I am pretty enough for him. It makes me sad. He is one of the most gorgeous guys in my grade. I don't know if he would ever like me. He likes talking to me and we are friends but what do you think? Am I pretty enough? I am REALLY self conscious and I hate how I look. It makes me sad. Seriously I can't look in a mirror without being disappointed. So please give me your opinion…


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Omg are you serious i personally believe that you are a very very pretty person. Like at least a 9.5 out of 10.

I say go for it. If he doesn't take you he is stupid.

And I really mean that when I read what you said and then saw your picture I was surprised because you should be staring at yourself in the mirror.



ur are very attractive ! I would give u a 9/10 ezy!




what the hell? you're really pretty. gosh. e__e


Nice :D


Awe you are very pretty :)


It's not about your looks. I think, for me as a guy, It's about the personality. To me you look ok.


I think you look drop dead gorgeouse, I would love to look like you.:)