Can you tell me what a 16 year old girl should wear?

My mom said...

Apparently I dress too maturely, and apparently I'll regret it when I'm older, and can no longer pull off the teenage look.

So tell me, link me, or list me:

What can a 16-year-old girl wear?

Athletic body type. Around 5'4... not really too sure.

By mature, I mean:

I only wear runners when I exercise.

I almost never wear flats- it's either boots or heels.

I always look freakishly put together and conservative.

If I ever wear jeans, it's dark wash jeans.

The most casual item I own is a black v-neck t-shirt that I don't usually wear alone.

I guess I should start "dressing my age". Should I shop at Hollister? American Eagle? What?

Right now I wear... Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Burberry etc.

Not that brands matter, I just thought you might get a better sense of their style.


honestly, wear whatever you want- just don't go in excess as in showing too much skin or whatever.

be conservative, modest, and show your style. that's all my advice is for you.

don't follow the so called trends of the typical such as hollister american eagle or whatever, because you'll be the exact same as them.

stand out. be yourself. wear what you want to wear. wear what's comfortable. you don't have to wear flats, i don't wear flats.

but, i think you do dress a bit mature for your age considering the brands that you wear. i'm 18 and i don't even go close to buying anything more than 20$ for a shirt because i work and i know the price of money. if you ever do go to those stores, you could see that a majority of buyers are 'mature' and 'older' because it's classy wear that's much more expensive than what teenagers do.

don't wear real things, you don't need to.

teenagers are typically reckless and careless to their clothing, (well at least i am) so i don't trust myself spilling hundreds of money when i can buy something at forever21 that looks exactly the same.

go to h&m and forever21. they have a variety of styles, and is cheap and convenient. it would help your mother's wallet a lot.


I wear skinny different colored jeans and flats.

Toms are great shoes to wear with them.

I wear nice colorful shirts but quite a bit of gray.

My shirts are usually plain and I wear a cute lil necklace with it.

I wear lots of different styled bracelets too.

Favorite stores: Forever 21, American Eagle, and Zumiez.

But that's just my style. It makes me who I am. What you wear is how you express yourself. I'm kind of artsy and I'n not athletic at all so my style fits my personality well.

I'm 17 by the way.


look at a seventeen magazine


Hollister has some nice styles for teens these days and every shops there might as well too



its your life, wear whatever you want - this style seems good to me.

lol, i really dont care about brand names, what ever i like, i like. (:


what the heck that is what i call the older ladies stores,

haha im 16 and 5'4 haha

i shop at forever21, wet seal, papaya, american eagle, sasha, body cental.


How HIGH are your heels?

2" - 3" are fine, any higher yes too mature.

Don't worry, lots of adults wear clothes like they're 13 year olds, I feel embarrassed for them, sometimes.

Fashion is supposed to be fun, trendy, risky, and be yourself. Just enjoy! You're OK.