I'm ugly - should I just wear a mask ?

I look like a corpse... I got pale skin . puffy eyes . and marks under them , from lack of sleep . I'm really thin , and my hair is weird . it's dark , just like my eyes . and I got a few scars on my face . just lost my make up , so I can't even hide those anymore...

When I look in the mirror , I think I look pretty good . and I am naturally cocky and smile all the time . but I guess it's lying because anytime I take a photo - the ugly truth reveals itself ... I tried blaming it on not being photogenic . but alot of people have told me I look like a zombie in reality ... and I can't take it anymore .

It's not my fault ... and I'm supposed to have a date with the perfect girl for me soon , but all I think about , is dying ...


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Yes, consider getting a Hollywood Undead mask, they look cool in theirs.


Well,you don't sound ugly to me. I like pale, and I am pale,too. As for scars,dude,don't try and cover them up with makeup,its as bad as a chick trying to cover up a big fat zit with coverup and powder,it just looks worse in the end. Be proud of what you have, people in general find confidence attractive. But cockyness is NOT,so loose that 'tude,dude - winks- Anyways, there are things to do to make you less thin like more? LOL. As for thinking of dying all the time, it sounds like you might be bipolar depressive or regular depression. See your doc, they can prescribe meds that will help, believe me,I have bipolar depression.Meds help tons,for me. Give them a try if nothing else. I wish you the best...good luck!


yoou should talk to someone if you really think like that your wrong


wait so your a guy or a girl? and i feel that way alot to there is some pictures ill look really good in and some i look like a ogre lol, but you cant let that stuff get to you people are mean and like to put you down to feel bigger you have to be perfect and happy with yourself because this is no way to go through life. if your really that upset about it, work out or put on some weight, get a tan? put concealer on, and if you burn like i do (x wear a darker foundation. and if you love your eyes than put on cute eye makeup to make them stand out (:


fish for compliments, much?


u should wear a mask or she'll run away^.^

grow some self- esteem!


life sucks

just live your life dude

im ugly and i don't care at all


Yes... yes you should :)