Am I unattractive to you?

I feel so unattractive. I've been told I'm ugly by lots of people and sometimes people say it behind my back (girls and boys). I've only had 1 boyfriend but he dumped me and liked some other girl. People in my class act like I don't exist. I only have 2 friends in my class. Boys don't care about me at all! None of them find me attractive. They always find my stupid friend attractive. She even had her first kiss. I didn't and it kills me! I'm so desperate for it everyday of my life. But I don't get it because boys find me ugly. I even know a guy who hits me almost everyday. Why don't boys find me attractive? I have brown hair, blue eyes , I'm pale, I have clean pale skin, I'm skinny, i'm 5 ft, i'm 13 years old. I don't act like a *****. I'm nice, funny, friendly, I care about others, i defend myself and others,and I help others. Whats wrong with me? Why don't boys find me attractive? Why do they only find my friend attractive? Whats the difference between me and her? WHAT SHOULD I DO? ughhhhh It's so stressful!

Additional Details

My friend's looks: Red hair, dark brown eyes, side swept bangs, skinny figure, big boobs , 5 ft 2, pale skin, a little pimples, and hair that reaches her boobs Here's a few pictures of her (facebook)!/album.php?id=1041579006&aid=67275

My Looks: Brown hair that goes reddish blondish down, blue eyes, pale clean skin with no pimples, small boobs, 5 ft 0 , skinny, hair reaches below my boobs Here's a few pics of me (facebook)

We're both 13 years old so the boys I'm talking about it are our age too


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Well seeing as the boys in your class are around 13 also that means they are starting puberty and all they think about is sex. Now I'm not saying put out, just wait you will find a guy who likes you for you. And when you are in high school guys (who aren't jerks) won't want you to have lost your v-card in 7th grade (or lower). They will like that you are innocent and sweet :)

And btw you are pretty, prettier than your friend


well, ur just as pretty as her, so i dont know what the problem is. maybe its bcuz ur quieter than her, so people notice her more rather than u bcuz she maybe more talkative than u. maybe u shud try actin more talkative and bubbly, or maybe a bit more like ur friend so others start to notice you and get urself known and talk to the lads urself rather than waitin for them, and just act as if ur really chatty friendly n fun. even if ur r all of those, try to show it more than u alredy do.


getting a boyfriend has nothing to do with looks. srsly the ugliest girls are taken. try not to act 2 desperate but still talk to a lot of guys and approach them first. and your only 13 and you have plenty of time just RELAX


sierra is hot......its obvious she gets attention

and aboutu, cant see ur pics, so cant say....


no i don't think your ugly, you look fine, and your friend looks very pretty! you sound like a real top gal though!


dang, baby doll. truth be told, boys are SHALLOW at that age. give them a few years.

and youre NOT ugly, girly.

cheer up. && good luck :)


Sierra looks ugly. You look average. Maybe her personality is more likable? Try to act confident, and maybe more people will like you.