'Never have I ever' question ideas?

'Never have I ever' question ideas?


Had Sex.

Done Drugs.

Been on a wild goose chase.

Asked someone out.

Kissed someone on the spot.

Played Never Have I Ever before.

Been set up.

Punched someone.

Had sex in the back of a pickup truck.

Been walked in on by your parents/relatives.

Let a friend look through your pictures on your phone, and saw a dirty picture.

Watched porn.

All I can think of. Hope I helped, hun. I freaking love this game.


never have i ever ate something off the floor


Never have I ever played never have I ever.


You can go on google for this to :p haha


+ kisses a guy

+ate somthing off the floor

+got in alot of trouble

+slapped somone

+did a dirty dare

+killed an animal (ant) (;

+made a bad grade




+Met someone famouse

+Been embarassed to pick up your pictures from

Wal-Mart because you remember what was on that roll of


+Been so scared at a horror movie you grabbed

someone's leg you didn't know?

+Gotten your braces locked together kissing someone?