Is there anywhere to get multiple earring sets?

I have 6 piercings in each ear. I'm still using the earring that they were pierced with. I'm looking for either hypo-allergenic metal, or sterling silver...I want all of them the same color...Either diamonds (false), or some kind of silver balls or silver shapes...Or, silver ball closure rings (or something alike)...I'm a little picky on what I like...I don't want them to look like 'little girl' studs, and if they're hoops, I don't want they to be...gaudy or tacky. I tried to look at Claire's online, but they don't have a site that has their products on it.

Online or in stores is fine.

Thanks in advance!


Go into the Claires store! They have way too many earrings to list online and they are always buy two get one free!


Try They have a great selection of earrings


You know the old adage of quantity. Well, if you are not concerned about the quality go and get a cheapy assortment box from the jewellery section at Walmart, Target, or etc. You can't miss em they usually have them with studs though.


well if you live near a mall, and in the mall they have a body shop, you should took in there.

They have earring sets that come with a lot of the same earrings.

Idk how many though.


Claire's, Hot Topic, Limited Too, Mango Outlet