What are good converses?

haha! yeah so im going to get converses once i grow out of my shoes just now. i want them to be different (not black, red or white) so what colour should i get? also which type?

i want bright colours like orange purple green? not neon colours though! also are you best to buy them off the converse website?


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yo no falo englés


i kno that you said no white

but, if you got white, you could doodle all over them,and literally, make them YOUR own shoes, like you're the designer, && they also sell really cool laces to go with them =D

i mean, if i were you, i'd totally do that =]

but if not just go on cuz they also have some pretty kewl stuff



I get mine from Hot topic and Shoe Carnival. I have:

I have white ones with different colored graffiti, black ones with skulls and things like "rock", and the anarchy sign on them, and black ones with the design of the bottom converse stamped on them in neon colors.

Also ebay or amazon would be good websites.


I think like a cool purple, or I've seen people with sky blue ones! Those are pretty cool. . .

I DON'T know where to get them on a website, but I went to Kohl's and got this pretty lady pink pair for only $25!


delias has all the colors. i would do pink or blue or something cute.. or maybe one of the patterned ones

hth :)


good places to buy converse are the converse website, or you can go to journeys to buy in person

i personally like green converse, they are really cute and original


What i used to do is buy Chucks, not the normal ones, i bought these red and black n white with like graffiti style on them, i found them at Marshalls for like 30 bux, and i put black laces on them =) find nice kicks and change the laces, hope i helped even a little bit.


Go on their website!

One Star Suede's are new and they look rad!