What are these shoes called?

Don't like this kid but I've been trying to find these shoes forever.…

Gotta admit he's got good style.


Well there not the same make or anything but these are pretty like them they're called DC's Here's a link to their website -

These are my favourates on the website -…

Click on the select colour box then go down to DZBL/HOTCR

Now look at those oooh!

Have a look round the site I'm sure You'll find something you like.


I think its not good style. its look like school unifrom shose, ok therefore you can go to shoes market


haha those are just typical skater shoes. The brand that comes to mind are Etnies. If you google them, you get shoes like this:…


He doesn't really have good style..don't see too many straight guys wearing that stuff around high school these days.



but i think the shoes are DC or supra? i guess? -->skater shoes<--