What do you think I should wear with this dress?

I have this dress in the mink colour ... just wondering what people think I should wear with it?

What type of shoes and jewellery.

Also how should I wear my hair?

Thanks :)


I would wear a statement silver necklace, maybe this one...…

along with some silver rings and a silvery sparkly clutch. I would wear mink coloured high heels and wear my hair up in quite a sleek style. I think the outfit and accessories should be quite simple and elegant. :)


Black high heels, silver jewelery and no panties. That dress is sexy


small earrings (pearl)

no necklace or braclets

black or silver pumps [;


Some sexy heels like these-…

A long necklace like this-…

If you have long hair you could either curl it or flat iron it straight! Hope I helped! =)


Long silver chain with a large pendant on it with black/silver high heels =)


Love this dress!

Try wear matchy matchy with this dress.

Black Tights will make your legs look longer. (good thing)

Long Gold or Silver Necklet.

Black boots or Black Heels or Pumps.

Hair :

(will show off your dress.)

(Showing off your Neck/Face)


Wear high heels.. and silver or gold jewellry