Does this outfit look good?

Gap Button up: Black…


Guess Skinny Jeans: Black…

Vans Authentic Black/white…


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i think this outfit alone is fine but there is too much black in my opinion. try a dark wash jean like these:


Love it.


The black shirt and pants together is too much, tone it down a little.


nice style...

i like everything especially the vneck and the button up, but the vanns are AW SOME! however, im not rally into the skinny jeans, because they look wway too tight..sry! it would look good if you wear them a little looser :D.

P.S. add a little color! You got this black and white thing going on that i like, but add some color. maybe instead of a white v-neck wear a dark purple, or a drak military green?!

And DO roll up the sleeves!



a bit plain how about instead of a white v neck a colored one such as green or purple and skinny jeans need to be skinner (my style that i find attractive in guys is probley not your style try looking more out there) it will make you stand out! :)


It's really hard to create an outfit that's black from top to bottom. So brave of you to wear such a combination.


yeaaah, that would look really nicee(:


i like it very much ... however maybe a little too black & white ... maybe try blue jeans ?