I am starting my own jewelry business, what would you like to see?

I have decided to start my own jewelry business, and I am wondering what kinds of jewelry target you, what do you like, what do you see coming sometime in the near future of the fashion industry? Do you see jewelry made with ribbons, or just plain beads, do you see big bulky jewelry, or small dainty jewels. Let me know what you would like to see...



I think at the moment theres a large portion of people who are going for the festival style, so lots of feathers and braclets, but then if you want something a bit modern, i think that if you choice a theme to your store id be cool. Like if you had really bright colours, and that could be a good idea as you can decorate the store with that theme making it feel fresh and inviting. Or you could so a dark theme, an expensive taste one (but thats not very practicle for the majority of people) or just target an audience. I hope i helped you im sorry im not an expert in buiness or jewels


Well as a normal middle class people, i would surely opt for simple yet elegant jewelery. Not so much of complex designs.

I would also opt for Jewellery watches especiallyt for men. So if you could come up with some nice creative idea for attractive watches then its surely would be an icing on the cake.


That's for you to decide since you think you're clever enough to start your own business.


I would like to see some jewelry.