16th birthday party outfit?

Im going to a friends 16th were not very close but like evryone in our year was invited soo....i need to wear something which will make me look better than everyone else. :)

do u think this outfit?....………


Woww; you're going to look lovely. :D

But looking at the heels, I noticed that the underneath is BRIGHT RED, which does clash with the silver & cream dress, losing its sophistication. Maybe go for a similar style of heal with a plain soul.

P.S : have a lovely time. :)


check here, you may find what you want


but off course u have to look better than everyone else. ***** much?


The dress is b-e-a-utiful

srsly, buy it

but the shoes suck a**

^^. hooker shoes much?


it's a very nice outfit...

but £60 on a pair of shoes?! craaaaazy! haha

you'll look stunning

have fun!


love the dress its the bracelet will look really nice with the dress but no so keen on the heel's..the dress and bracelet is quite cute and girly where as the heels are a bit more rocky dont think they look will right.....


I love the shoes and the bracelet, the dress is nice but im not sure of the colour, but thats me, I dont like wearing light colours because they dont suit me, if you have the right "look" that goes with light colours then go for it!