What color leggings look best with this dress?…

and i can't show a lot of skin (obviously it's a really low scoop neck) so what could i cover it up with? a tank top? a scarf? which color?


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black opaque would be best. as for cover up, i would say a fashion scarf with colors that complement the outfit... black, teal, gray, a mixture... if it's too much of a scoop neck for you a regular tank top would work great as well




Black tights, or gray leggings.


Well, personally I think you should just not wear the dress at that way people will be more stunned when you thrust. Right Ayah?



i wouldnt wear legings but i ges if u have to i wud just go black. and wear a blue scarf with it i think it would look supah cute with that.


I would go with black leggings. I personally don't think that wearing the dress without a tank top is showing to much skin, but if you feel uncomfortable then i would suggest a scarf.


black, or a printed tight. they're definitely showstoppers and make your outfit stand out. i think it gives outfits an extra something, and they're perfect when everything else about the outfit is solid colors.

you can find lots of printed tights at

there's also some at,, and


Cute dress.

Maybe just black leggings? I think that outfit would look best without over complicating things with brash coloured leggings. I also don't think grey leggings would look very good because otherwise that's 3 different colours in layers.

I think covering up with a scarf would be cute, maybe a cream one, either silk or a pashmina style scarf.