Big turquoise rings? fashion do or don't?

I love rings, but sometimes wearing that big and chunky ring doesn't go well, say, with sweats. in seventeen magazine it says turquoise rings will be one of the top spring trends (#2). like or dislike? why and why not? wear it with....? avoid wearing with....?


defintley in! statement jewerly is all the rage now. I would wear it with jeans and any shirt. I agree, it wouldn't look good with sweatpants. Wear it with something a little more dressy.


Ok if u r going to wear chunky rings, wear it with a simple dress or something. Even jeans would work! But don't go with the sweats. sweats+chunky rings= BLEH

I hope this helped! :-D


its totally in! i'd wear it with a flowy shirt, any color besides a blue, white or a faded yellow would work with that. DONT wear it with something too dressy.