What should I wear to a funeral?

I'm going to a close relatives funeral...and I've never been to one (except for the one when I was like 2). And I'm not exactly sure what to wear...I know it has to be sunday best...but you know what I mean. Do I need to wear black? What about to the viewing?


Conservative, Proper funeral clothing used to be formal all-black clothing. The modern funeral wear is not as strict; wearing another subdued color besides black is appropriate and is not a sign of disrespect. However, black is always a suitable color for funeral attire. It has long been associated with mourning. Conservative prints and subtle textures for fabrics.

Closed-toe shoes are recommended footwear.

Sorry for your loss. It is more important that you be with your family even if you don't have the "right clothes" but try to be respectful within your budget.


Black simple like a over the knee skirt with black top or black jeans

sorry for your loss =(


I would suggest a nice black dress. remember not to wear anything too sexy or people might think your disrespectful.


just wear something semi dressy thats not a bright color. i usually wear black grey or brown dress pants with a sweater or dress shirt. it doesnt have to be black


Black. Probably a suit, something dressy but black unless they ever mentioned something else.


Something conservative and black.

Maybe a knee length dress with a classy "jacket"

Or a black pencil skirt and a fancy black top.


I would wear a black pencil skirt and black silk blouse with hair down and neat maybe with a black headband. And some small black heels or if your not into heels then flat black shoes. Hope this helps :)


it is seriously not that hard.

oh and you gave thumbs down to all the people who actually put in effort to answer my question. so i just gave you the same half a**ed answer you gave me. it has nothing to do with insecurity, grow up chick.