What are your opinions on abercrombie?

In my opinion abercrombie is the worst place to go to buy clothes, the clothes are so expensive and its outrageous, abercrombie is practically the same thing as hollister but with a different name logo.

Every time you walk in abercrombie theres loud music playing in there and its hard to see because its so dark.


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both abercrombie and hollister are filled with boring generic crap. they are owned by the same company so its not even worth trying to pretend they are different.

in the grand scheme of things, both are about average price wise. however, considering the poor quality of the clothes, they are overpriced.

and any time i walk past either of them in the mall, the amount of perfume or cologne or room spray or whatever they want to pretend it is that wafts out the doors makes me have a sneezing fit


its turning chavvy and fast id look at other more unique and original brands


Overpriced clothing

#3're complaining that it's too loud and "dark" and then saying that Hollister is better?

Um any Abercrombie I've ever gone to was bright and not too loud at aLL


I like Abercrombie, I shop there.But I love Hollister waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more, it's a lot cheaper.


Abercrombie = love! I love that store. It is very similar to hollister and a bit more expensive. Look for clothes from clearance or wait for sale days to by clothes from there.


i think the clothes look alright and i think the prices are fine. its cheaper some other places, but its Abercrombie so we cant really do anything about it. and the materials they use is better than the cheap brands so i think the price is fine. :D


Gah, it's terrible!

I hate the uniformity of it all, and the fact that their logo is plastered over absolutely everything. Then there's the fact that it's SO overpriced, for not-so-good quality clothes, and it's generally just overworn. Plus they only hire skinny, tall, pretty people, which is really stupid. Plus they've had a bunch of scandals :…………………

Also they had shirts that said "Who needs brains when you have these?"

So, boobs are more important than brains in this world? Good to know, Abercrombie. Plus they only want skinny people. My friend is an 8 in jeans in regular stores, but a 12 at Abercrombie.

Using sex to sell clothes? Racist T-shirts? Toxic chemicals? Demeaning intelligence? Discriminationg against brunettes? Valuing girls only for their looks?

A store that does that is not a store I'm about to support.