What to wear with this dress?

I have this dress, but I have no idea what to wear with it…

I currently have a pair of black gladiator sandals and white sandals with a peace sign on each, and I also have silver flats and navy flats. (Although the navy would look kinda dressy) I don't know what kind of shoes, accessories, or whatever else to wear with this dress. I'll be going shopping soon to get some more things so please suggest stores!

Thanks so much! :)


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These shoes in white would look adorable:…

Or you could wear the white gladiators.

I would do white accessories with this to try to make the colors pop a little more, and give the dress a nice fresh look.

So for accessories, I would just do this ring…

That dress is so cute that you don't really need to add much!


A simple look would be nice, like stud earings or a pearle. flats could work as well as the gladiators . I'd accessorize with white


since this is more of a casual dress i would say some nice cute black flats =) hopee this helped


navy flats with some kind of bow on them , acsessorize =a coupple of neclasses and a little shrug


i would wear the silver flats.

match it with some simple silver bangles, and a cute headband.

also you could add a simple long necklace


I would wear either black or navy flats, or any bright color flats that are one of the flower's color on the dress.

By the way, that dress is really cute!


the pink is a scarf that pulls from the pink flower in the dress a nice cardigan would also work as well as a blazer.


Since it's casual, I think you should dress casual. I think dark shoes would go best would that dress, since it would make you look more "balanced" out, if you understand what I mean. But if you're going to wear dark tights underneath, then wear lighter shoes.



Edit: I think those sandals you're planning to get would be too much with the dress.. because they're really bright and your dress has pretty dark colors.