Are the dresses on to casual for prom?

I don't like the big, sparkly, frufey prom dresses, but I also don't want to be too casual. If I wore one of those dresses with tights and heels with my hair all done would it be too casual?


I looked, and some of them are too casual. It depends on the dress, but most are just right, with the right accessories.. Here are some of them I think would be fancy enough for a prom.………… (almost out of stock!)……

I hope you find your dream dress, one that suits your personality!



it depends on which dress you wear. Some of them are casual, but some are dressy.


I think the dresses alone would be too casual but if you dress it up with heels and accessories then you should be fine!


i agree. It depends. Certian ones are to casual and other are fine. i love this one!

Oh and i would be careful...some look very old lady-ish and they arent all very pretty. However a few are ok looking. like this one!