How can i dress like cece jones off of shake it up?

i am four foot eight with blonde hair and blue eyes im 11 years old. anything helps!


Not sure if your from the states or the uk or somewhere else but JC Pennyy seems like a good place to start,

key outfit pieces of hers are as follows


over sizedd tees


-ankle boots

-leather boots



-funky tights

-loose tank tops

-skinny jeans (normal, acid wash, distressed)

-poofy skirts

-necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings

-patterned cardigans

-cargo pants

-doc martens

-sparkly vests

-faux fur vests

-funky scarves

-leather jackets|77906|77906|80829,,,241043812|78070


check out the store

They have lots of nice clothes there that can relate to the way she dresses


a cardigan

destroyed denim, usually with an acid wash (jeans, bermuda shorts)

here are some websites:

for the second one, just scroll down to where it says "products"...the first link is better because it gives you places to get the clothes and also prices.