I am having the hardest time picking one of these two dresses...its for a wedding?

i need to order it today to get it in time but i cant decide help? its these two links they color has to be red


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I love the first one. But talk to the bride. You said she is letting you choose, but let her have the final say.


I like the first one better.


I like the first one, the satin jewel.


They're both really pretty, but the first one looks better for a wedding for sure


the first one is gorgeous!

the first oneeeeee! <333.


The first one, it is more interesting than the second because of the ruffles. It depends on your body shape really.


The second one is gorgeous and definitely my favorite! It is classy and simple/understated but eye-catching in its color. I would go for that one.


The second one. Its just gorgeous! Its also alittle bit more less sophistacated then the first.. I think the first dress wouldnt look good in red.. I hoped I helped!