What color goes great with tan shorts?!?

I'm a guy so any good colors except pink


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Blue or red. Blue is better, though. Blue goes great and is very summery. Also, blue compliments tan! Hope this helps!


a red polo shirt with tan cargo shorts, looks fresh


almost any color will look great with tan shorts! :)


Tan is neutral! Any color in the world would go great!


A Yellow areo postal shirt would be cool


well i have seen guys wearing a polo shirt with blue and yellow stripes. It looks good trust me. And maybe some tan flip flops. A very good beach style for this type of weather.


Black and white looook really cute. and red but sometimes it might make you look like a target worker lmfao (; and blue and brown looks cute actually now tthat i think of it most colors do but those r main.


Tan is a neutral, so any colour would be great. What you should consider is your hair and eye colour. You could find out which colours will go with your hair and eye colour through a simple Google search. For example "colours look good on + brown hair + brown eyes" :)