Need help from girls badly?

ok so I want to embarrass my friends so what I was planning was go around while with them wearing female clothes so what should I wear because we were going to go shopping for stuff sometime today then go swimming then we were going to go out to eat somewhere as a guys night tell me what to wear for everything and post links to things like what it should look like should I wear makeup and water proof for when we go swimming so plz tell me everything I should do/wear.


Get a wig, or if you have hair gel it

Get a females make-up and make it look good

Wear a dress from somewhere like forever 21

feminine sandals or open toed pumps!

Good luck be pretty! LOL


im goin with the other girls answer . BE PRETTY ! lol and dont forget heels hurt(;


Dont over do it. If its more subtle people with think more of it than 'that guy that looks purposely ridiculous'. Wear a very fitted tshirt with a v or scoop neck. Meant for girls. Wear feminine embellished flip flops, some tight womens skinny jeans. U can tell its for girls by style. And wear some shimmer all over foundation and eyeline in a cat eye style if u wanna go crazy. Hav fun(: