How to look cute for the 7th grade?

I want to look prettier for 7th grade. Soooo...

What type of makeup should I use?

What type of clothes should I wear?

What's a cute bag for a 7th grader?

Any other stuff I need to do to look better?


Also I am tall for my age I am 13 and I am 5'4. I have brown eyes and medium length black hair.

Also I mainly want too know what stores to shop for,for clothes. Please AWNSER I am tired with my trend of style also I really need to know how too look cute for the 7th grade soo pleaseeee! AWNSER!


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You have good options shopping at...

Wet Seal



Urban Outfitters





Don't use makeup. It'll look fake and won't make a good first impression. Only use concealer if you have bad blemishes.

Wear skinny jeans, any wash. Get some cute, simple cardigans that will go with anything. Own some tees and the occasional nicer top. Apparently jeggings are in now. I personally don't think they're so hot, but whatever you like. Those are just some suggestions. I suggest you follow your own style. Browse the stores online then go shopping at the mall. It saves time.

Tilly's normally has cute bags/backpacks. They have bags, backpacks, lots of things.

Good luck.

PS if you want to smell good, buy some fragrances from Bath and Body Works :)


Hi I'm a very popular 7th grader and started a HUGE fashion trend in my school! Okay first of all go easy on the makeup! Its actually better if you don't wear any. But if you want to wear some keep it minimun. Like some lipgloss and thats it Lol. No one likes a person with tons of makeup baked onto them. The clothes is definetly the most important. Skinny Jeans are the most fashionable thing you can wear! So buy them up LOL. The stores that are the most popular and fashionable are: Hollister and American Eagle! Hollister has really cute skirts and dresses so definetly wear them. Hollister also has really cute sandals and belt! Oh and there jeans are my fav! Hollister also has tons of lace items which are very in style right now! For winter Uggs and NorthFaces are soo popular and cute. A cute bag for a 7th grader is from Vera Bradly thats wear I always get mine and everyone gives me compliments! Okay some extra stuff you can wear are scarves for winter! I have a ton of them they go soooo good with any outfit! Everyone always give me a ton of compliments on those too Lol. Also Coach is very instyle so you can get a cute scarf or wristlet from there! Good Luck~!! P.S - I'm also 13:)


wear push up bras, net tights, short shorts, knee high boots, and thongs, ull get attention. i promise.


read about it here

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hey! i'm also in the 7th grade, and we both have the same eye&hair color. but im 5"1, haha. anyway, i pretty much use any type of make-up that looks good.. at a reasonable price. in my opinion, i wear abercrombie kids, forever 21, american eagle, and holister.those stores are pretty expensive though.. for shoes defiantly UGGS.<3 i think they are over priced even though i wear them. if i had to suggest a bag, i would chose vera bradley or coach. those are also over priced!


For makeup, just use simple eyeliner or eyeshadow. I only wear eyeliner.

You could get clothes at Hollister or Aeropostale. I think Aero is better, though. It's more pleasant to shop at since the store doesn't gag, blind, and deafen you, like Hollister and Abercrombie.


Haha, well since you're only in 7th grade... a lot of makeup is unnecessary. So I'd say a little eyeliner & some mascara will do good. For clothes skinny jeans, boots or vans. DO NOT WEAR COLORED SKINNY JEANS WITH CONVERSE...thats a death sentence. Lmfao shirts; no graphic tees...thats out of date. I'd say fitted zip ups & flowy tanks. bags; hmm....a purse? but i dont like purses so I use a sling or a tote bag.


Woah, woah, woaaah. No makeup. Please, don't start so early. Start in highschool at least.

Clothes? Whatever you like. Jeans, v-necks, sweaters, converse. Get a jansport bag, they're simple and sturdy. If you want to individualize, wear bracelets! I like to wear lots of colorful bracelets, in the same order, everyday. It keeps me unique :)