What can i do to feel my high heels more comfortable?

I have alot of lovely heels that i wear to parties but in the middle of the party or when i am dancing i have to take them off because they hurt my feet.... I want to know what can i do to actually keep my heels on the whole night without them bothering me...


I have the same problem. I love wearing high heels because they look really nice, but I HATE it when my feet hurt. 99% of the time my feet hurt because of my shoes. I noticed that when I'm wearing closed toe shoes then my toes hurt like hell and when I wear open toe shoes, then the area underneath my toes (the ball of my feet) hurt. I think the pain is caused because of the way the shoe is made. All of my shoes have really tall stiletto heels and those are obviously not made with the health of feet in mind. By wearing such tall heels, I'm actually putting all of my body weight on the area that hurts me the most (the ball of my feet). As for pointy toe shoes, my feet obviously hurt because my toes are being squished into a once inch space. I tried the gel inserts before and they don't really help. I also noticed that some days some of my shoes are bearable while other days they leave huge blisters. Maybe it could be caused by feet swelling too?


they make inserts


try getting the gel inserts


Dr. Scholl's arch inserts. They actually do help. :)


Dear u may see you'll find the solution there. I was having the same question in my mind but it helped me resolving that. Keep using and very best of luck.