Is my prom dress too short?(picture)?

I wanted a short dress for Junior Prom this year because I wore long dresses to the past proms I went too and hated it. I looked like every other girl and dancing was very very difficult. I also hated that i couldn't show off my shoes ;)

anyways, I got this sweet Jessica McClintock dress and I'm starting to worry it may be a little on the short-short side. I do have very long legs, so most "mid-thigh" intended dresses usually hit me about "upper-thigh." I love the dress because it's sort of 1920's vamp-ish...and my style is very vintage....but I don't want to look like a tranny mess at the prom. so just tell me if you think it's a bit short. There is a version that's a tad longer but it costs a lot more, and i just don't have the money :(

this is the dress on me:

and i don't want to hear about wearing a long dress/gown to prom, so none of that. those dresses are boring, sort of ugly, and everyone always wears the same one, so please don't tell me to wear floor length.


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its pretty cute. i dont think its too short. if you feel uncomfortable with it then just wear some lacy shorts underneath!

i mean like these from foreve 21…


no, i think its cute:)

you should get cute shoes to go with it:)


it's fine. it's a gorgeous dress too :)


I like it very much and no it's not too short.


Its a bit short, pretty though.


yeah, im sorry but it kinda of looks.... slutty..... im not saying you are. i love the dress, just not for a prom. im so sorry :'{


Its cute. (: i like it

answer mine?;…


Sounds like you already made up your mind and need reassurance. Well I saw the dress and only a prude would say it is too short. Live it up! It seems to look good on you.