Does Anyone Know How I Can Decorate My Socks...?

Let's keep it simple here: my style is long knee-high socks with shorts and a baggy jacket. I like unique (or more of odd in this case). But I do designs and words on all my own tee shirts and jackets and do little doodles on my shorts, but I feel like my socks are so forgotten!

So what can of things does anyone know I can use on My socks? What brand of fabric markers are best?

Can you use the iron-on letters for socks?

Anything else that's easy to use and a good product I can use on my socks?

Thanks in advance! =)

-Holly 8D


There's this awesome spray paint for clothes I bought online at

I've used it mostly on t-shirts, but I'm sure it'd be great for socks too. It's really easy to use, in fact they've put up instructions on youtube.

-Tommy :)


Glue and sparkles.


get a bedazzeler


try crayola, definetly iron-letters, and maybe some glitter?