What cosplay outfit would look best on me?

Hi! :)

I have blue eyes, but i have alot of green in my eye's so it look's mostly green. My hair is brunette, long (If straight, near my wip :) )and wavy (But if i buy cosplay, im straighing my hair. So long and straight :3)

I have front bangs too.

Im kinda on the chubby side, but im on a big diet right now and already losing pounds :)

And when i actually have enough money for it, im pretty sure i'll be skinny. =3


Thank's for answering :)))


As a cosplayer for the past 6 years, and a girl who's on the chubby side herself, I recommend you find a costume and create your own character. People can be extremely judgemental of cosplayers, especially women who cosplay a well known character.

Personally I do Harajuku, Lolita variations, and Steam Punk cosplay and get a LOT of compliments and am included in many photoshoots and competitions.

You sound cute, so you could pull anything lolita or Harajuk off. Steam Punk is a little more edgy style, and you sound like your style is probably a bit softer.

Try this website for Harajuku and Lolita cosplays that are, actually, fairly priced.

Hope this helps!


You sound like Tohru Honda. Just get someone to be Kyo and Yuki! ^^


Do you mean Anime Cosplay? if so...

you could be Haruhi from Ouran high school Host Club...or Tatsuki from Bleach(She has black hair though). You could possibly be Chizuru from Bleach (if you want to cosplay as a crazy lesbian...) or Misa Misa from Death Note. With your long straight hair and bangs you could be Orihime from Bleach... but she has red hair.

...If you don't mean anime cosplay then just ignore my ramblings.



How about this which is a cross of Sailor Moon and Marvel Comics of

this fan made drawing I came across on

A costume can be made from this.


You have to have a Sailor Moon costume made entirely in a

metallic silver fabric...Get Silver boots and get silver gloves...

Need something that resembles a surfboard...

You'll need to get silver metallic body makeup and

have your hair dyed in silver.

DON'T have to wear swimwear in this picture that is shown(see link below)

just have a Sailor Moon type outfit done ENTIRELY in SILVER METALLIC FABRIC...

Also, originally is a good thing at any CosPlay or Anime convention.

You'll be a really big hit with this costume.

See link below:…

Again this is ORIGINAL!

You will definitely be the BIG HIT at the next anime convention

with this costume concept that I can guarantee.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


Try these girls:…………………

You dont really have to cute your hair for most, just put it in an updo. and sorry, i couldn't really find green/blue eyed anime girls