Best Outfit? (pictures in description) :)?

okay so which one is the best outfit (or mix 'em up) for making my ex (who cheated on me -_-) realize that im over him/he made a mistake/ he shouldnt of cheated on me :L

(i dont want him back, i just want him to realize :))…

iv named them for you :)


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hollister top + ripped jeans

The others make you look too skinny.

And I like your hair. :)


hasnt he seen these clothes. and if you need out advice on what to wear maybe you arent over him


First one all the way!


D or E. They are awesome! He will c his mistake!


What an idiot your ex would need to be!

Number 1.


I like the first one it looks casual but trendy and suits you at the same time!


1st 1


flower top + short shorts DEFINITELY :D