Is wearing abercrombie really considered ?


I am a 20 year old guy and I like wearing them. I don't wear the ones that clearly say "ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH" on it though. Is this ok? The shirt I am wearing isn't tight either.


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unless your gay then you would be considered gay.

but if your not.

i dont think you would be considered gay!


Yeah why not? its a store.. wear what you want. Its not considered gay.

Hope this helped


um no not even close to "gay" and wear what u want! :] I think Abercrombie and Fitch looks good on guys! and Hollister too!:)


...i have never thought a guy wearing abercrombie was gay!


Many people do consider that, but really, A&F is just preppy. Remember- wearing a certain style doesn't make you gay.


only to heteros, I am a gay man and I wont step foot in that shop, I don't care to see half naked boys greeting me, really I so don't


No, not really. They have some classic and elegant pieces of garment that flatter every men and not necessarily queer-ish.


No. Most gay guys don't like Abercrombie & Fitch. About 65% of their shoppers are women, then about 1 % gay men, then 33% straight men. That's not as bad as AE. My sister went to AE at SouthPark in Charlotte and all of the guys in there were flirting with each other.