What prom dress would suit me?

I'm 6'F i'am an apple shape and i have blonde short wavy/ curly/ thin hair. i have brown eyes too. Can you tell me what prom dess to wear and how to wear my hair?!? also how to do my make-up THankyou


well the important part of this would be picking a colour that will suit your skin tone, Colours like Turquoise or dark blue, i mean you say you've brown eyes so i'm thinking if you had some fake tan you could look good with a reasonably bright colour!or even a pretty dress, that will emphasise your bustline and draw attention away from the bottom half of the body,open V necks looked great on apple shapes..pretty shoes should show your ankles and legs off because apple shapes usually have slim legs and ankles!also your 6 foot so i'm sure that helps to!lol..Overall, the trick is to emphasise the smaller parts of the body, which will draw attention away from those areas which are a little too large.

Clever use of colour, pattern, and texture can do wonders for the apple. Wearing all one colour or an all-over big print is not a good idea. But combining plain and print, or plain and texture, breaks things up and re-shapes the silhouette. Therefore a pretty skirt and jacket with a contrasting top is the perfect party look for the apple shaped woman. The skirt should hang straight so as not to widen the apple's hips, but should be loose and unrestricting. Shoes with a wedge heel will show off calves and ankles and complete a very pretty look.

considering it's a special occasion smokey eye's are fabulous especially if you go for a bright "OUT THERE" BUT NOT OTT look!:) or even a natural look with natural earth or neutral coloured dress:)

and if you wanted to make a big deal with your hair crimping for a rhianna styled look , backbrushed or even add clip in extensions to add thickness and texture;)

anywho could look hun;) xxx


i would wear something fitted around your waist and chest that then just drops :) also with make up dont even bother to be prepared just go a couple days before prom to a make up artists and bring in a picture of your dress or even just tell them your colour and they will work with you to figure out what will look good :)


If you want a floor-length dress, I recommend a bold floral pattern, preferably a halter. Florals are really in this season, and the halter style with flatter your apple figure. Your other choice is a tufted, short, strapless dress, which will flatter your chest area and make your legs look miles long with great strappy heels. I recommend you choose a solid color, if you are getting a tufted dress, because if it is multi-colored AND tufted, there's too much design and could even make you look bigger. Flat material on top, and extra volume towards the bottom is perfect. The color of this dress will match your hair. I love it. Short Dresses&spage=1&langId=-1&parent_categor…

For your hair, I think that you should (if you can) put it in an updo, and clip it with a pretty silver/gold clip, or pretty much any rhinestoned/sparkly thing. If not, you should straighten your hair, but sort of blow it out. It'll make your thin hair look fuller.

For makeup, go for Ophelia (strawberry nectar) lipgloss by Nars, a simple LIGHT smoky ye, using Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal eyeliner in Jet Black, and play around with the colors in Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Metal Orchestra for your eyeshadow. Use black mascara, I recommend Maybelline NY Great Last BIG Mascara in Blackest Black.

*Remember, these are just suggestions, so you could find alternatives in similar colors! Check out google to see what these products look like!*

Hope I helped! :)