I will give u ten points just tell me?

Is this a good idea?

just one handcuff that u could wear as a bracelet. Girls and boys the girls one could have Diamonds and be in pink or some other color. And the guys could be in white or black with some sort of skater logo or what ever. IT could have really any design but what do u think about the idea?


that sounds really cool, actually, let me know when you make one, i will buy one for real! i love originally made art jewelry like that, wish i had thought about that one! very cool idea, very cool.


It sounds trashy. Don't do it


Cool idea! Really original! I don't wear jewelry, but...awesome! XDD


Hmm i think its a pretty good idea because it's original. :)

It would probably be popular with the scene kiddos, Punks and maybe skaters.


lol its already been thought of brah.