Experience with Gothic Lolita sewing?

Alright so I know how to channel and add ruffles and such. The question I have is on fitting. I've only ever made separate top and skirt so I'm not sure how to make an actual dress. Many designs look like it's just a top sewn onto the skirt, but this one is all one piece, how do you do that?

I'm also not sure what measurements to take to make it fit right? As you can tell I'm an amateur, so I need help! Any suggestions or websites would be greatly appreciated.


(this is Kay, who answered your other question with a pointer to a Simplicity pattern. Yes, the Simplicity and your example are both princess seamed patterns with the skirt portion flared. Very easy to do from a basic princess sheath type pattern, but I was unsure of your level of expertise in pattern-bashing.

If you're going to DIY from a straight princess pattern, add equal flare to all skirt sections, starting at the same level, or you'll wind up with a skirt that hangs funny.


Damn shame when spring reufess to show her pretty face it\'s been bucketing off and on here in Bris for weeks. So confusing but I love layers so I\'m happy to ward off our next steamy summer. It\'s a damn shame for you today tho\' this outfit is extraordinarily wicked:). I love the colours and textures of the top and scarf set off against the flirty metallic skirt. Just gorgeous.


I guess finding uesful, reliable information on the internet isn't hopeless after all.