Can you have shoulder-length curly hair?

I heard somewhere that curly hair needs to be long in order to weigh it down, but i love short hair! will i have a problem? i put leave in conditioner in to try and weigh it down. does anyone have shoulder length curly hair?


Of course you can.

Longer hair is actually more likely to go *straight* because it's weighed down, so I think you've got a bit confused somewhere...


ya just make sure it doesnt look to wide at the bottom. like have it layered and thinned out near the bottom so it has shape and looks flattering :)


don't have your hair cut shoulder length, have it cut about an inch longer, maybe more or less depending on how tight the curls are in your hair. then when it curls it will go shoulder length, it doesn't matter about weight i don't think, but if you put layers into it, it will make it more curly.. maybe you could use some mousse too (: hope this helps xx


i do and theres nothing wrong with it. it is still pretty