What happens to your hair if you dye it too much/too often?

My mother claims that if I dye my hair too much it will fall out, but I know plenty of people who change their colour every week and I haven't seen any bald spots to date. Does anything actually happen?


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you will NOT get cancer like a previous answer said.

and from personal experience, it will make it very dry and dammage it a lot.

your mother is probably over-eggaterating because it would take a lot of hair dying in a short amount of time for your hair to fall out. if you want a product to quickly re-build your hair, try Aveda reconstructing shampoo and conditioner. it works like a charm.


If you process your hair too often it gets damaged. What happens then depends on how damaged it gets - it COULD just fall out in clumps. Or what happened to me was I overbleached my hair (long time ago I did a double process WOW I won't do THAT again)... So when I was combing my hair as I pulled the comb through ALL my hair came out with the comb. I can't tell you how much I freaked out over that... Took months for it to grow back... Or it can melt. I have had that happen to... When I left the color on to long... MAKE SURE you wash it all out - sometimes that can be tricky and you don't realize you've left a residue in there... Some chemicals are stronger than others too so you have to be real careful with how long you leave them on and how often you process your hair... I don't do any of that now - now I understand all that - but years and years ago I sure didn't and wow did I have some hair nightmares :) Don't process your hair more often than once a month - and depending on the color that's too often. When I was a bleach blonde my hair was SOOO damaged from all the touchups (every 3 - 4 weeks which was far to often my hair got very damaged very quickly)... The more peroxide you use, the more damaged your hair will get... Which means the lighter the blonde you want to be, the more fried you hair will get... Every 6 - 8 weeks if you want to keep your hair as a blonde... Use a HEAVY conditioner to to keep it all too - I recommend Infusium LEAVE IN conditioner AT LEAST once a week (saturate your hair with, it'll dry pretty quick on top hardening a bit, leave it on overnight - just comb it through for that slicked back look and go to bed) - in the morning wash your hair and you'll have very soft, silky hair... Hope I helped :)


I think your mother is right.When you dye your hair too much, it gets very unhealthy. Your hair dries out and it looks really bad, plus it starts to fall out. I've noticed this when i dye my hair. It doesn't fall out, but it gets kinda dry and it doesn't look healthy. So then I have to use tons of conditioner to heal it.


I've dyed my hair a ton...A TON! And it's never fallen out. It does get really weak and dry, and I know with some people it can start to thin and fall out. But definitely with anyone that dyes it a lot, it'll be very damaged, brittle and dry, so you should use a moisturizing shampoo and a really good conditioner. I would highly recommend Kerastase Bain de Force shampoo and Kerastase Ciment Anti-Usure conditioner, or any Pureology shampoo and conditioner, if you can afford it, and, if not, then whichever moisturizing shampoo and conditioner you like. Dove is pretty good. Also, you should use a deep conditioner at least once a week to help restore moisture.


It really drys out your hair, and makes it look/feel damaged. Not a good thing :/

you should always condition good after you color, and use products that will keep the color and wont damage your hair more. Its okay to color your hair, but if you color it too much then later it could fall out, and that would be good. Or just get really frizzy, with spilt ends.


you start losing your natural color, your hair starts getting very damaged because of the chemicals the dye has, you start losing your hair it gets dry and ugly it's not going to look good any other way you try to fix your hair if your dyeing your hair way to much just stop and take care of your hair let your hair grow and cut the dried ugly dyed hair and then when it's healthy just dye it a little and not to often


It will ruin your hair. There are a handful of girls that I know that have their hair falling out from dying it too much. Your hair could also start to turn green or blue.


shes right! it gets dry brittle weak and damaged it might thin out and fall out