Everyone has told me that my hair is hard/puffy, which products should I use?

I'm Asian but my hair's like a black girl's hair! It's straight but it's poofy and absolutely unmanageable. When I touch it, it feels rough, hard, and brittle.

Should I get a straight perm? A curl perm? (My hair looks good curly) Or use products? And which ones?

Thank you so much! My hair has been one of the top causes of my self esteem issues...


You could do a relaxer if you're desperate, as it does soften the hair a bit, but products can probably do the trick.

Redken makes an awesome product line for exactly your hair type. It's in purple bottles and it's called Real control. Unfortunately it's a little expensive, but it's a cheaper fix than a perm!

If you're dirt broke try suave's almond and shea butter or sleek.


dont perm your hair it will only damage it and make it worse... use some extreme moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. only wash your hair once a week or less.. maybe get braids? it sounds weird but really. lots of super skinny braids just falling down will look alot better and be alot easier to manage.