Hair problem need help immediately?

i need something that moisturizes my hair because my hair has lost its shine and it is very dry. i was thinking about getting garnier fructis shampoo and conditioner. what do you think of this system


If you're worried about shine, then shampoo and conditioner wont help you. You will want to buy a finishing product with silicone in the ingredients. Silicone coats the hair shaft and promotes shine. As for moisture, Joico shampoo is a good brand to go with.


If your hair has lost its shine and is very dry, there IS A REASON for that, and changing shampoos/conditioner is not going to reverse that if you CONTINUE to do whatever it was you've been doing to style your hair. It's all in HOW you style your hair, and it has nothing to do with shampoos/conditioner, because even the cheapest product can do magic for your hair.

For as long as you continue to style the way you've been. The answer is to eliminate the 'cause' then you'll see some improvement on your hair.