How do I get bangs like hers?

just go on facebook (sorry if u dont have one :(, go on your facebook then type in Christina Vallin her hair should be black shes emo and has very thick eyeliner with a phone in her hands and look up tiffianie perritt with a picture of this girl sitting on the far right with words in the picture and an also emo girl :P click on my pics till u reach one with me and my mom with the caption "me getting drunk off of dr. pepper"


I wondered the same thing for the longest time too, first go get your hair cut. you need them to cut your bangs somewhat thick, and way off to one side (corner of side of the head basically right in between the side of the head and the top)have her cut it slanted so that the length descends in length by the part (it's best to have some one with side swept bangs cut your me on that one) also razor cutting it will give you the texture and style of the bottom of the bangs, (just the fringe texture it wont effect how straight it lays on your head or anything)

you're going to want to bobby pin your hair at night so it slants in the direction you want it to, or you will have a split in your bangs. in the mornings when you're ready to do your hair straighten it and curl it under towards the roots (put the hair on it and you want the flat side of the straightener to face you), teasing it a little is also a good idea. (She also teases the rest of her hair by the way)

I hope this helps, and when your hair is damp you can put in volumizing mousse to get that extra lift if you need it


you need to do a razor cut


Go to a salon , and ask the stylist to give you bangs like those . I wouldn't recommend cutting them yourself .


Get your hair RAZOR CUT. Part it far to the side. they use a razor and it gives it that cool look. Get some razor cut layers to :) dye your hair black and straighten and you should be good to go :D


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