Suggestions from FEMALES preferably! I'm a MALE! (pics) =D?

Well the title pretty much sums it up, i have been having the same type of hairstyle for as long as i can remember, and honetly i want to change it up, just something i want to do. I came on this site hoping for a suggestion! If you are going to suggest something please include A PICTURE with the hairstyle, that would be nice so i can know exactly what your tlking about. Something that you think will suit me well!

Also please REMEMBER to include a PICTURE! haha, and age as well, just to get an idea =) thanks. I'll also know if you even bothered to look at the pictures...

here are current pictures of me that i took today:


in my opinion i think u should get tape-up fades, suits all guys, and really cute..

hope u llove it


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If I were you, I'd lose the outline of your face you have going on with your beard.

Whenever I see that, it just looks stupid to me. :o

But you're hair is pretty short, there's not much you can really do with it except shave it all off.

Try growing it out a bit longer, then experimenting with gel and combing it different directions. (: