Fastest legitimate way to grow hair?

Hey, I'm a mixed girl with naturally curly hair (I've heard it's hard for curly hair to grow) I know it's not good to put heat on it, but I'd rather do that like once a week and keep it untangled throughout the week rather than wear it curly and "natural" and it gets tangled. Am I right for this? Also, please let me know of any ways that my hair can grow faster, I would like to add a couple of inches by the summertime if possible. Pleeasssee? :) <3


Healthy hair grows the best.

- Eat healthy

- Cut off all damaged hair because damaged split end hair will not grow and will only continue to get worse by causing excessive dryness and hair to fall out and will highly affect healthy hair. Despite products known to "cure split ends" only hide the damage.

- Get hair trimmed every month to prevent damage

- Avoid using heat, if you must make sure to use heat protecter. It's best to use ceramic hair rollers for styling.

- Use all natural shampoo (or atleast a sulfate free one it makes curly hair dry), rinse out conditioner,deep conditioner and leave in conditioner (essential for coarse hair). Don't use any chemicals. Purchase all natural products at health food stores or you could just try Burt's Bee's.

- I know it sounds gross but curly hair only needs to be shampooed once a week since it's less oily than straight hair. If you wash curly hair everyday it becomes dry.

- Try not to swim but if you have to apply a deep conditioner and slip a long hair swim cap to protect it from harsh chemicals. In addition whenever your in the sun via it winter or summer, tie your hair up in a ponytail and cover it with a silk scarf

- Only use scrunchies to tie up hair avoid rubber bands, velcro, springs, metal barretes, sharp rough edges, plastic combs, hair claws, metal, etc

- To prevent bald spots avoid tight hairstyles like braids and tight buns/ponytails at all costs

- Eat healthy, try a multi-vitamin

- Air dry wet hair, be gentle wet hair is delicate. Don't brush wet hair, use a wide toothed comb.

- Before shampooing comb your hair using a wide toothed comb, choose a comb that is molded or has smooth seams (use a bit of sand paper to smooth rough seams if necessary). Comb your hair often throughout the day to detangle it. Work in small sections, always starting close to the ends, combing down in long, smooth strokes until all tangles are removed, and then starting the next set of strokes higher on the same section of hair. Knots are very hard on your hair and it's best to avoid them at all costs. Tiny knots that absolutely cannot be removed by any other means should be cut from your hair, not torn. After the knots have been removed, using a high-quality, smooth wood pin brush remove loose hairs, which will also cut down on knotting during shampooing (not to mention keeping your shower drain clean and your plumber at bay.)

- Don't pile your hair on your head when you wash it, that's just asking for knots. Apply shampoo only to the roots and wash your scalp, then work the shampoo to the ends. You may find adding a bit of water to your shampoo or very quickly ducking under the shower spray after initially applying it to your hair will increase lathering significantly, making it easier to work the soap to the ends of your tresses. When you apply conditioner, work it through to the ends of your hair, smoothing and detangling gently with your fingers as you go. Continue smoothing your hair as you rinse. This will make combing your wet hair much easier and less likely to tear.

- Rinse hair in cold water

- Use Nature's Gate hair products they're affordable and natural.

- At night tie hair up and wear a satin night cap

- Moisture hair daily with almond oil.


- Wake up take daily multivitamin

- Comb hair, then brush it.

- Run cold water, apply Nature's Gate shampoo on your hands using the pads of your fingertips massage your scalp, gently work it to the ends of the hair. Follow up with conditioner, work it all over focusing mostly on the ends of the hair, smooth and detangle with fingers continue to do this while rinsing.

- Get out of the shower. Apply leave in conditioner, comb hair out with a wide toothed comb.

- Style hair with ceramic rollers

- Slip on night cap, go to sleep.

- Wake up next morning, take out rollers, apply almond oil, tie hair up in a scrunchie, cover hair with a silk scarf

- Now your healthy hair is ready to go for the day!