Why does my hair Straightener smell like sh!t?

I have a chi Straightener but it's smells really bad. Could it be from hair spray or what? How do I get the smell away?


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It's the plates of your hair straightener which smells funny. You can clean them;

Turn off and unplug your ceramic hair straightener. Lay it down on a heat-safe mat to avoid singeing your countertop as you allow the hairstyling tool to cool off. Wait at least 5 minutes before proceeding. The iron should be lukewarm instead of hot so that you do not burn yourself. Cleaning the flat iron while it is slightly warm makes removing the residue that has not yet solidified a more effortless task.

Spray the flat iron with a cleaning solution especially manufactured for ceramic hairstyling tools. If you can't find any at the places you normally shop, try looking in beauty supply stores or online. Use a soft towel to wipe down the hair straightener, making sure you clean off the body and not just the plates. Moisten the towel with warm water to go over any stubborn spots.

Use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol if you have yet to buy the cleaning solution for ceramic thermal hairstyling tools or if you are out of it at the moment. Alcohol can break down even hardened hairstyling product residue, so it is an effective cleaning substitute when you want to remove goo from your ceramic hair straightener.


Its u not the hair straightner


never put hair spray on b4 straightening ur hair if that doesn't help then ur straightener is burnt by keeping it on and not using it for too long


go to youtube and put in "Brazilian keratin treatment"

This is how hair is straightened today.


Probably because ur hair is getting burnt too much which makes the straightner smell bad... Also the products from ur hair


Do you use alot of products on your hair? These may be transferring to the straighteners and leaving residue on the plates.


your putting product in your hair which get on the straighter and either burns or sticks to it and when your straighting your hair your burning it. and after using it so much you chi plates will start to burn. clean your straighter or get a new one.


Okay I'm cnoivnced. Let's put it to action.