My hair is SOOOO thin!?

my hair is soo thin and its always flat! can you please give me tips and stuff to make it thicker and bigger? or to grow it fast? her is a pic of me, im the blonde one copy and paste the link into your url bar:


i have really thin hair too and i started teasing it and have gotten soooo many compliments on how great my hair looks. u r adorable. i bet a style like this would look nice on you.…


Get a volumising shampoo or conditioner. You could always get extensions so it fills it out a bit?


My hairs thin aswel, i get it layered and its abit thicker but other than that i just back comb it to give it more volume :)


If you live near a Bath & Body Works, they sell volumizing shampoos during peak seasons. My mom gets that, she said it works pretty well and it smells amazing.

If not just ask your local hairdresser about it.


Allow your hair to dry at least 80 percent before you begin using a hair dryer, as the heat combined with water can severely dry and damage your hair. Additionally, you should never use a brush on damp hair, as when wet, you hair is very elastic and can easily break. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb, working from tips to roots to minimize damage.

Add quick volume to your hair using your blow dryer by simply sliding your fingers into your hair and lifting up about two inches from the roots. Pull your hair in the opposite direction that you want it to fall, drying on the underside of the hair. When you let go of your hair, you should notice far more volume.

Thoroughly dry your roots in this manner to add the most volume to any hairstyle. To maintain the created volume while curling or styling the tips, again, hold your hair in the opposite direction that you want it to fall. For instance, if you are using a curling iron or large curling brush, hold your lock of hair high and up instead of pulling down along the side of your head.

Protect your hair when drying the tips and add extra volume to your hairstyles quickly by pointing your blow dryer down the length of your hair. In this manner, the heat moves along the hair shaft in the same direction of your hair's cuticles, preventing damage and overdrying. By protecting the natural moisture in your hair, you will automatically increase volume.