How to remove a kiss (hickey)?

My bf made a kiss mark on my cheek. It's really showing up. it was red first now it turned to black? how long does it stays...oes anyone knows how to remove it....


Yikessss. That is not a place that you should ever let a guy go near.

well anywayss I had the worst, and I mean WORST hickey a few years ago, so I can tell you so many things to do that will help you get rid of that hickey :)

start off with icing it right away and kind of massage the ice into the hickey so that you are almost pushing the blood in deeper. (this works if you do it right after you see the hickey)

Then after maybe 20 or more minutes apply a warmed up tea bag to the area (or if you don't have a tea bag to use, you can just turn on the water really hot and dip a washcloth in that and use that instead. And when the tea bag/washcloth starts cooling down re-warm it up and press it on the hickey. The hickey will start to shrink little by little.

Once you get some of the hickey gone with the other techniques you can start getting rid of the last of it using a pen cap (like the bic ones). This part is a little bit more painful but it does work. If you massage the pen cap into your skin it will almost push the blood down some and it will start to make the hickey go away. Apply steady pressure to it, and kind of twist it into the skin at the same time.

good luckk :) and i hope this helped


Put a spoon in the freezer for about 30 mins put tooth paste after spoon is really cold put it on the hickey and hold may hurt for a sec but it will lighten it up depending on how dark it is ...


ummm idk about the cheek but i know it goes away soon.... i had a couple and they all go way in about 6 days




I Would Say To Cover It Up With Your Hair


My fiance just told me that toothpaste works to remove it or help it to go down faster.. go to sleep with tooth paste on it. Lol and why the hell did you let him give you one on the cheek.


dont use press powder! u can never cover it. use oil base concealer!