I'm an expert with makeup ;)...answer please vvv?

Hi, I am great with makeup, and I am going to create a youtube channel that does makeup tutorials and tips and such, i need a name, and is there any cosmetic companies i can contact for sponsoring and/or samples of the makeup...yes i am going to promote any kind of makeup companies out there, please contact me and i will set-up a consultation, and give you a mailing address, and i am looking for good youtube guru channel names. My name is Sierra btw, not a relative question, but yes please answer :)


how everyone else has done it was they started their channel, started having people watch them and get kind of popular on there, become partners with youtube, and then the companies ask them to promote for them. they want people to watch you first i don't think that they would ask you to promote them with no one watching. and you also don't want to seem like a sell out. many people like a genuine person who doesn't just promote any company because then they won't know if you are just promoting because you're getting paid or because you genuinely like a product.

as for names..

anything that has makeup in the name can help people find you



or something that is just your name like your first and middle name if you like it


hey hun

am interested in making a you tube channel

indeed i already have an account:)

contact me

so we can help each other


I think it is great that you want to do that and trust me you can go a long way when you do something you love doing.

Here are some names:




idk but I could help more if you could add what your favorite makeup companies are?


Kandee Johnson is my favorite so maybe look to her for inspiration. I know that Avon stuff is always looking for ways to be sold.