Is eating lip gloss bad for you?

Well I have this friend and her one bad an disgusting habbit is eAting lip glos out of the tubs. I findthis very disgusting but also very funny. Well my question is, is it bad to eat lip gloss out of the tube oh and also chapstick.... Haha


hahahahaha I can imagine her right now just taking out the wand and eating it directly lol. I think its bad cuz its not really meant to be eaten


its not bad but its nasty.


lmao, it's not gonna kill ya but it's not healthy- ecspecially large amounts


i would think so...if it wasnt they would put "edible" on the tube...


lip gloss is made safe for human consumption.. it has to be,.. there is no way to keep yourself from eating some accidently while its on


i wouldnt recomend it. but they wouldnt make it toxic so it would be edible. just its pretty much made of oils.


wow ahahahhahah well thats new! Swallowing small amounts if fine, eating tubs will give u tummy aches.


not really. It could give you dihareah though. ick.