Can you Bring a Metal Eyelash Curler on a Plane?

ok so im leaving tomorrow morning and i need to know im allowed to bring an eyelash curler in my carry on

-Im only bringing a carry on NO LUGGAGE

-I have to do a dance performance

-Plz Plz Plz give details



yes u can.

have a great trip!


Yup, you can bring an eyelash curler! (for now. haha)


Yeah, if you put it the container things they have, just leave it in your backpack or whatever. i'm sure if they let snowboards and guitars on as carry ons you can have an eyelash curler.


There's a little dish for your metal items so they can scan them separately. There shouldn't be a problem with you bringing an eyelash curler, regardless of what material it's made of (unless it's C4 or something) but if you don't want to risk it, why not just curl your eyebrows BEFORE going to the airport?