Why do some light skin girls, think their all that?

I never judge anyone, I thought everyone was beautiful. Though I know some girls way lighter than me, act as if just because their light skin; there the u know what. I don't let stuff like that bother me, because I don't trip.. I know I'm beautiful. I just know that some dark skin girls get offened, but hey I seen some ugly light skinned girls, not all of them fancy.. AT ALL so my question is whats the deal..


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ha! don't you hate that?! i notice some girls think they're all that regardless of skin color, some girls just really are rude and display an obnoxious sense of inflated self-worth. i truly believe that most of them though, those mean girls, deep down? they're frightened and insecure--even the pretty ones. so there's of course a very old and common racial thing going on in what you're describing, and to be honest, i think that if a woman of color expresses disdain for women of darker skin--it's her own color, however much of it she has, that bothers her. rock on as your beautiful self!


girls are all bitchessss. no matter what skin color.


Their parents spoiled them growing up so now they think theyre more important than every1 else. Either tht or theyre just b*


Beauty is as beauty does. Forgive them their vanity, it must be OK to think you are pretty. It is not beautiful to think someone else is not pretty.


It doesn't matter what skintone it is really. For example, a lot of chicks with tans think they look better than they do and get snobby about it too. Some people just have their heads up their butts and think they're looking at a sunset instead of a full moon.

Answer mine please?


Some light skin girls were brought up in a manner, which they learned they better then others due their skin tone. You just need to ignore :) . I truly believe everyone is beautiful and unique . So really if you met some girls like that, then just ignore them and move on.


Throughout history, light skinned people have thought themselves as the better kind...harsh, but nevertheless true. I believe they think they are better because of the presumptions within society. Personally, i agree with Romeo when he described his love, Juliet, to a "rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear"

what Romeo meant is that beautiful jewels are accentuated best against a darker skin.


I don't think it has do with whether they're dark or light, I think some people are just stuck up and others are nice about their beauty. The girls that act like that are annoying. I agree with you it's best to be confident in your beauty but modest about it and not be like "OMG I'M AWESOME". Those girls will act like they're all that around other light skinned girls as well so I think they're just plain stuck up - ew!