What is the best mineral foundation for pale dry skin?

name and shade please.


MAC Mineral Skin Finish..... they have light, medium light, medium plus and so on......WAY better than Bareessentals? and smashbox halo crap.....MAC MSF doesnt sit in the pores like they do... just get that and one of the MAC concealers (to spot conceal) and U WILL LOOK AMAZING! i promise u!


use lakme product ok.


Try the Bobbi Brown liquid. Use their lightest shade which is porcelain. Mix it with the Bobbi Brown facial lotion so it adds more moisture.


I personally choose Breathable Gel Foundation by Lauren Hutton. It is a lovely foundation for women like me who want a more natural look. I love this stuff. Its light-weight texture feels like you have nothing on and disappears into your skin very easily.


Neosporin as a base/moisturiser (just a little goes a long way)

and bareMinerals by BareEscentuals is the best for dry skin.