How to make my blue eyes pop?

I have blue eyes but i want them to pop so they really stand out... I will try every ones suggestion... I only have eyeshadow and homemade liquid liner made from eyeshadow... Thanks


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The best colours for blu eyes are:

Orange based tones,






Cool tones,

?Pale to medium blue

?Pale pink shades



?Deep or midnight blue

neutral/tan tones,

?White shadow

?Grey shades

?Khaki colored shadow

?Chocolate brown

?Camel shadow

And for nightime shadow try greys and blacks.

so as you can see you are very luky as you can pull off most colours, however in my opinion golds, coppers and browns are the most flattering they just make blu eyes glow... and if your in a rush doing your makeup even just a tiny wash of a copper or gold based colour across your lid and some black mascara can make your blue eyes look AMAZING!

Dont forget eyeliners and mascaras, theys will change depending on your look but i think black is most flattering as it provides a lovely contrast to the blue in your eye!

Heres a look i use all the time on my own eyes:

A good application method is to take a flat brush and pack the gold colour onto the lids to just above the crease. also apply this colour in a thin line under the eye.

Next take a fluffy blending brush and put a darker brown eyeshadow onto it, use this along the crease of your eye and try to blend it outwards and upwards to make your eye look bigger. if your feeling adventurous you can also apply a little of this colour to the outer corners underneath the eye.

A nice touch is to take a highlighter colour (like nylon or rice paper from mac for example) and put it onto a small skinny type brush, apply to just under the arch of your eyebrow and the very inner corners of the eye.

To finish this look apply some eyeliner (black) it can look very effective if you draw a little flick at the end of the upper lid just to elongate the eye even more and of course a good coat of mascara.

I find this is a good look that works on most people and remember practice makes perfect.

at the end of the day makeup is all about what makes you look and feel good there are lots of great tutorials on youtube if you need inspiration i find makeup addict to have some good videos.

Hope this helps, good look x


white eyeliner...

or contacts ! special kind


I have blue eyes and I use brown/gold eyeshadow also a navy eyeliner works well


Get a pencil dark eyeliner and define your eyes around themselves, then blur it A LITTLE.


Think about the color wheel. Blue eyes pop when you wear brown eyeshadow, because they are opposite colors. A bronzy (brown/gold) smokey eye would look gorgeous with blue eyes!


Have you ever done smokey eye? That makes any eye color pop. But if you don't want something too intense. You could use white eyeliner. I know it sound kind of fucky but I have bright blue eyes & do it all the time. It looks great if you put it on right. Sometimes I do some simple eyeliner one the waterline, mascara, & a little bit of white eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes. A lot of high school girls do it & I think it looks pretty good. I hope I could help.


I researched some pics for you. You see this pic? Whenever you use eye shadow, put the white colored one right under your's a pic:…

Here are some more examples of how you should do your eyes:

This pic is awesome:…

This is a simple every day look:…

Here's another…

Basically, all you need is blue eyeshadow. Put on the eye shadow and with the white shadow under your eye brows. With your eye liner, make a dark black line on your upper eye lid, right behind your lashes..and if you use some mascara, you can use mascara for only the upper eye lid.


Put a even layer of the eyeshadow on your eyelids

Apply a thin layer of that homemade liquid eyeliner on your eye lid, close as possible to the lash line. If you want a dramatic look make sure the liquid eyeliner reaches all the way to the corner of your eye and back.

This will make your eyes pop and make them look really pretty!